Nova Park

Felt like playing some sims 4 today so I thought I’d do up another quick starter lot for that collection. I’ll probably do three now for the Willow Creek side next since these others have been pretty modern/southwestern themed. 



2br 1ba


I really wanted a full second bedroom so I kind of pushed the limit on the cost of the house but made it just under with at lest a bit of deco so it wouldn’t be completely bland. Anyway as usual it can be found on the gallery under my user Lenei14 or by searching the house name.

*Since I got a few messages on how to find my lots last time I thought I’d include a screen of what search options you can use to find it. I think EA may have fixed it so it doesn’t default to maxis only now for community uploads but just in case there’s still confusion on that.

It’s not really I love you unless you can say it next to the latrine

happilyeveraster replied to your photoset “I had wanted them to get married at the party but the option wasn’t…”

Married at a party… married in their undies… Almost the same thing :) (also awwwww <3)

Yeah same difference. At least they didn’t autonomously do it next to the all in one bathroom thing. I’ve had that happen on a few occasions. 

Tot Malak since I don’t really do the infant thing. <3

Yay baby time, she had a boy named Malak. 

I had wanted them to get married at the party but the option wasn’t popping up. Usually it will even when I have it setup as a house party but this time it didn’t. No matter, whatever gets the job done. 

Of course a few liked the party so much they refuse to leave and had to be “asked” to vacate the premises. 

Felt like it was time to have a party. Everyone mostly just danced a bit and stuffed their faces so of course it was a good time. 

First day of autumn brings another fishing day. Stocking up for spring when I have him plant all the goodies he’s been collecting off his starting plants. 

Gotta make use of all those selfies. 

Gotta make use of all those selfies.