Nova Park

I’m kind of in love with my new super tiny version of Leslie, lol. Yeah you’re gonna make slider monsters but I’ll fix em cause you’re cute <3

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<3 :P Comments for everyone!! …wait. Ohhh! I’ve love the other version, please please.

The upstairs is pretty cute in that version, that’s why I was a tad disapointed when the kids weren’t showing up but now they are with it categorized as a bar (o.O) so I’ll share it too next time I load up ts4.  :D

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Made a bit more progress but now sick of doing because troubleshooting routing issues is tedious. I’m sure I’ll feel like pulling it up again in a few days.

Replies! (some very late! Sorry!)

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Writing is a pita for quite a while but has finally become profitable in my save. It took becoming level 10 and publishing… 15ish books though. Sounds like her computer is going to get a work out!! Watch out for them blue screens of death!

Yeah I actually ran into a bsod last time I played Jill. >.< I’m into the “everything is breaking now” phase of that save, lol. Her shower, toilet, and fridge broke like all on the same day >.<

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Oh, awesome! :) Hope they become the creepy stalkers ;)
Well they do walk by her house a lot. Not sure if Jill has been nice enough to Piper in their limited interaction yet but I’m going to get her out of the house soon to do some more socializing.

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Awww poor simmie! She needs a plant to water with her tears.

It would be less wasteful if I got her a plant for sure with all that crying she does. :(

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Must be one conceited piano player to be expecting his audience to be brought to tears and needs tissues on the piano! ;)

Perhaps he heard Jill was coming and wished to be prepared? lol

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So desperate to get away from the girls she sold her windows to get her own computer… Jill better steer clear of the front door for a while!

lol right? You talk to someone a couple times and they come over to eat your food the next day. >.<

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Not the most cheerful looking conversation! I love how he finally looks happy in the last picture yet she seems to be annoyed with him
Yeah like “you can’t just walk away like that, I was being honest!”

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Awww what a cutie pie!! Pftt he doesn’t need to learn to talk, he’s just going to turn everyone that sees him to mush

Hehehehe :D

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Surprise! He made an executive decision and your input wasn’t needed
LOL what’s hilarious is in Nay’s best man challenge he all did that vampire look at his nails animation and she captioned it with “look guys I got my nails did.” lol. And then my Ezra capped it off with “they look fancy” lmao. Oh Nay <3

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thank you it works great in my game. I took the same one as you.

You’re welcome! His hairs are so awesome, I’m glad he’s making them for ts4 too. :D

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That window (window? I stared at it for a while thinking it might be a mirror) looks awesome in that small space above the sink!

Yeah I kinda liked the kitchenette area just fine, the window came as is with the house. :) But the kitchen was on the other side of the room when she moved in.

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Ohhh! Bookmarked to grab tomorrow :D Nice work! Love the combined use of space with the food/computers. I’m not crazy about traveling to multiple lots so yay.
Yeah I LOVE multi use lots. I’ll upload my other version next time I load up ts4 so that you can get the one with the kid’s area if you want. :D

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I guess a good cry was needed!

Sometimes it really improves her day man!

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Queen of stink eyes :D <3
She just kinda freezes around him I swear and goes into this weird trance of irritated facial expressions, lol. She hardly even opened her mouth during that whole conversation he was having with her.

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Lame! Sorry TS3 is giving you issues :( The world looks interesting/good thus far though!

Yeah it was pretty lame. I had finished decorating Nova’s apartment and it code 12-ed, no population, it wasn’t running poorly, just didn’t wanna save. Then cause I was annoyed I figured I’d walk away for a bit and just freeplay and my freeplay coding on me so that pretty much was that. I’m really excited about this world though, I really hope I can pull off my ideas for it.

And now to not get that behind again!

So I re-installed my TS3 this week. I kept having error code 12s on new saves which is completely ridiculous and really frustrating since it had been a long time since I had run into that issue. I think I had a memory leak somewhere but I had edited the config to use half of my 32gb of ram so wtf. ANYWAY I swapped back to the origin version of things so now I can play with CAW again which I’m pretty excited about since I’ve been wanting to do some world building for a while. This is my current wip. Knowing me it’s probably going to be months before it’s even usable but I’m pleased with the progress thusfar.

Jill: “I guess you’re alright. I suppose we’re even if you’ll let me buy you a drink. you know as an apology.” 

Evan: “Yeah man let’s go wipe the slate.” 

Evan: “So we cool?” 

Evan: “You do know you were kind of rude right? I mean it’s totally fine I’m a big boy, I can handle it.” 

Jill: “…man this guy can talk.” 

Evan: “I’m just saying there’s really know reason we can’t at least be like cool around each other.” 

Evan: “Oh..hey. whatever your name was.” 

Jill: “….” 

Evan: “Feeling a little embarrassed about yesterday?”